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How the Charity works

6b95cd62-1762-102d-80d3-001ec9b331b2Should your club or organisation wish to become involved, it is just a matter of raising sufficient funds to buy a chair, or chairs, through the Participating Dealers who already operate the Golf Chair scheme, or would be prepared to do so.

Even if sufficient funds to purchase a chair outright cannot be raised, the Charity will be delighted to accept any contribution, however small, from clubs or organisations and credit will still be accrued towards Tournament qualification places.

The Charity has reached agreement with a number of Dealers throughout the UK to participate with clubs and organisations in the provision of chairs.

The Dealers liaise with the local special needs schools, GPs and others to identify children needing a chair. They then assess the child’s particular requirements and supply a suitable chair sourced from a selected manufacturer.

The chairs are clearly identifiable as having been supplied under this scheme by the addition of exclusive stickers and a “golf ball” control knob.

The financial arrangements are mainly between the club and the dealer but the Charity also gains an income from this to help fund its activities.

The cost of the annual Tournament and accommodation is met by kind sponsorship of the Dealers, Manufacturers and other benefactors through the Peter Alliss Masters charity and places are dependent on the level of funds raised.

If you are interested, please get in touch with one of the committee members detailed on the “Contact Us” page who will be more than happy to give advice on any aspect of a club’s related charitable activities.

Participating Dealers

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